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Mr. Nishant Karhadkar

I was suffering from hemorrhoids - 3rd stage & recurring fissures for around an year. I had visited several doctors for allopathy treatments but did not work out so well.

One of my relatives recommended me Dr. Vivek. After consulting he told it would take only 3 visits to cure without any recurrence. Trust me and it's true. With ksharsutra the problem was completely gone. The procedure was done in my second visit & the post-op care in third. Thanks to Dr Lolage & his ksharsutra treatment i have no issues again along with no dietary restrictions.

Mr. Namdeo Patil

After suffering from hemorrhoids for a number of years, I was introduced to Kshar Sutra treatment. After the initial dosage, my problem disappeared almost overnight. The itching, the burning, the bleeding all disappeared within a week.

Thanks to Dr. Lolage for bringing me out from a very painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable problem.

Mr. Hiralal Bhoir

After taking Dr. Lolage’s reference from one of my relative. I met Dr. Lolage and he told me that I was suffering from fissures. After taking his prescribed medicines and ointment, I got relief from that pain in a week and I continued that medicine till advised period. Now I am free from pain

The credit goes to Dr. Lolage's diagnosis & his expert treatements.

Mr. Ashok Raul

I was suffering from fistula since many years. I also had operated twice for quick relief. However in a few months it reoccurred. My Family Doctor spoke to Dr. Lolage personally for further management.

Dr. Lolage adviced me ksharsutra treatment for fistula. I Completed my treatment without getting admited in the hospital and without painful dressings. After that its almost 3 years and I don’t have any complain about fistula. Thanks to Dr Lolage & his ksharsutra treatments.

Mrs. Vanita Jain

I would like to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am to have received the treatment from Dr. Lolage. Prior to this my condition caused constant discomfort and had an adverse impact on my daily life, as well as restricting my ability to participate in more outdoor and adventurous activities in which I would like to have engaged.

Best Regards to Dr. Lolage & his staff for everything the did for getting me out of this uncomfortable situation.

Mr. Manohar Salvi

I had suffered from bleeding and other symptoms related to Hemorrhoids. I had been going through a difficult time with stool bleeding and discomfortness in sitting. Dr. Lolage suggested me natural khsarsutra chikitsa for hemorrhoid treatment

Miraculously within 7 days the swelling and the protrusion was gone. This course of treatemnt lasted for approximately 3 months. There were no side effects. I sincerely thanks Dr. Lolage to resolve this problem…

Mr. Rajesh Sawant

I tried everything from External lotions to suppositories to Laxatives, but got very little relief. When Doctor lolage diagnosed the problem, I was suggested the ksharsutra & his ayurvedic medicines for my Hemorrhoids and I am glad that all of my Problems vanished like withing short period..

Mr. Pramod Patil

Before undergoing Dr Lolage's treatement it was very difficult to take part in all activities, including the simple things in life, such as sitting. Dr Lolage's unique treatment provided a quick and easy solution to a condition, which caused years of pain and sometimes embarrassment.

Dr Lolage's treatement has improved my life dramatically and I strongly recommend Dr Lolage to anybody who is held back by this unfortunate condition.

Mrs. Ujwal Jadhav

I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Lolage's treatement & medicines to anyone suffering from fistura or similar condition. one should immediately go and get Dr. Lolage's advice and/or treatement for quick & effectively painless relief.

In my opinion Dr. Lolage's diagnosis & treatement has been a complete success on all accounts.

Miss Kalyani Kulthe

I have suffered from haemorrhoids for years. After reading the article on the Dr Lolage's website I rang his clinic. Dr Lolage was really understanding and started treatement with effective ayurvedic medicines. Quickly, within days, I felt the benefit. On my third examination, I was informed that if I take care with diet and life style I should not suffer with piles again.

Taking Dr. Lolage's treatement was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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